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One of the many lasting legacies the late Eugenio Lopez has left behind is his unending commitment to nurture and develop the skills of the workforce behind the Lopez Group of Companies. It had been his lifelong commitment to help them realize their full potential as individuals. And it is this same fervent desire that inspired the opening of the Eugenio Lopez Center (ELC) in scenic Antipolo City on July 20, 1997.


The ELC opens its doors to the business community to offer a fitting venue for seminars, corporate parites and meetings set in a relaxing and stress-free environment. The 38-room business center is a most welcome getaway from teh confines of the office and busy metropolis, providing a more productive and conducive setting.


Rules of business and pleasure are redefined at the ELC. Take your discussions to the well-equipped lecture or conference rooms, screen presentations at the private theater, or conduct teambuilding activities outdoors. Then end the day by availing of the center's sports facilities, swimming in the pool with a panoramic city view, spending quiet time at the chapel, satisfying your gastronomic craving at the restaurant, or simply retreating to your cozy room for a relaxing massage. Whatever you fancy will certainly ease your mind and body.

Nestled in the lush greens surrounding the ELC are flora not usually found elsewhere in the country. The Malalukban, or Champereia manillana, is common in secondary jungles at low altitudes. This can be found in Taiwan, West Malesia and the Philippines.

The Alasi-is, or Aphananthe philippinensis, is found in certain areas of Australia, the Solomons and New Guinea and the Philippines (northern and central Luzon) in the Malesian Region. This thrives in primary and secondary forests, withstanding rather strong seasonal climates.

The ELC is also home to the serpent eagle (usually found in forest clearings, open woodlands, and sometimes in cultivated lands with scattered trees) and the grey wagtail (a slender bird with the characteristic long, constantly wagging tail).

It's high time to take productivity to the next level. Refresh your mind and body at ELC and give your business that much-needed boost.


The Eugenio Lopez Center is situated along Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City, covering an area of 5,250 square meters atop a 10-hectare property. At 850 feet above sea level, it offers a panoramic view of the metropolis as well as nature's unparelleled beauty. It only takes roughly 30 minutes to get from Ortigas Avenue to the ELC.  | View/Download Location Map |


To be recognized globally as a premier corporate venue for trainings, seminars, meetings, conference and team building activities to help enrich the lives of the Filipinos.


To provide services of high standards, in line with the center's motto, "Men Sana in Corpore Sano", or a sound mind and in a sound body.

The Company

The ELC is owned and operated by the First Philippine Realty Corporation (FPRC) and is a 100 percent subsidiary of the First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPHC). It is duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. It holds office at the 2nd Floor, Benpres Building, Exchange Road corner Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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